Galerie Hervé Perdriolle Booth 313
January 29 – February 1, 2015
Center 548 548W 22nd Street NY

TANTRA PAINTINGS selected by Franck André Jamme

While they invoke the highly symbolic cosmology of Hindu Tantra, these contemporary, anonymous paintings from Rajasthan are unlike the more familiar strands of Trantric Art. The progeny of hand-written, illustrated religious treatises from the 17th century, copied over many generations, these paintings have evolved into a distinct visual lexicon used to awaken heightened states of consciousness.
Made in tempera, gouache, and watercolor on salvaged paper, they are pinned to the wall for use in private meditation. Possessing uncanny affinities with a range of 20th century abstract art, the paintings also have a vibratory beauty that inspires acute attention even in the uninitiated.
True to the tantric spirit, it seems that the precise meaning and symbolism of the designs is not fixed. However, some general guidelines were codified long ago and transcend this specific tradition, and so are readily recognizable: for example, ovoids represent linga (hence Shiva), spirals give a form to energy, any set of three can depict the three gunas, and the colour blue symbolizes the pure sky of consciousness which contains all phenomena and experience.
From Tantra Song by Franck André Jamme Publisher Siglio Los Angeles 2011

ROBERT COMBAS seen by Michel Onfray "Ride the Tiger"

Robert Combas was born in Lyon in 1957. Encyclopedias and art history books associate his name with Free Figuration. And yet, beyond this label, he can be seen as a lyrical baroque man, in other words: a painter whose fellow traveller is Dionysus, the god of grapevine, wine, euphoria, wine-making, ritual dance and madness, trance, vital substances, (blood, sperm, sap, milk), powerful animals, (oxes, goats, and rams), rapture, lush vegetation, percussive music. He is also an inventor of tragedy and comedy, that is the sculpted Word. Like Dionysus, he rides the tiger, and everyday he runs the risk of being devoured by his own art. His painting is one of the most Dionysiac of the history of art.

Robert Combas is the only French artist to be part of the Top 100 best-selling artists in the world. He occupies the 81st position between Antony Gormley (80th) and Vik Muniz (82nd).

We have seen works of Combas at Centre Pompidou as well as the Halle Saint Pierre, the best-known exhibition space for Outsider Art in France.

Batohi Jha, Farid Chitrakar, Jangarh Singh Shyam, Vyakul, Yashoda Devi